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Welcome to our feathery corner of cyberspace September 4, 2009

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Since this is our first post, I guess we should introduce ourselves.

We are Sarah and Alex, two Australians living in glamorous South London, making the world a softer, cosier, more handmade place, one tiny item at a time.

All that introduction nonsense aside, we’re really very excited to welcome you to the official launch of our fabulous new venture: The Bothered Owl.

A while back we decided that we weren’t busy enough with our various offspring (Sarah), Masters dissertation (Alex) and general day to day lives and that we needed something new to focus our creative energies on. And let’s face it, to hopefully manage to turn our crafty endeavours into cashy money with which to buy more yarnand fabric.

So for the last few months whilst Alex finished off her dissertation, Sarah has been sewing up a storm and Alex has been firing up her handy dandy drill, transforming lego pieces into gorgeous earrings and pendants. Plans are afoot for things like baby blankets, hair grips, change mats, pencil cases, loads more jewellery and general hand made goodness.  We both knit too so there may even be some teeny weeny mittens at some point (perhaps even grown up size ones. But we don’t want to spoil you…)

We plan on keeping a record of our adventure here and we’re also on Twitter and Facebook, should you feel a burning need to keep track of what we’re up to. You can buy our stuff on Etsy and we’re in the process of sorting out Folksy, Misi and Ebay accounts too.

So welcome, we hope you will enjoy reading our tales of crafting and heck, maybe you’ll even buy and enjoy some of the wee items we come up with. Hopefully it will be a fun ride for all concerned.


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