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Good times, good times. September 9, 2009

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It’s been an exciting few days.

We made our first sale, some of Alex’s fantastic pirate earrings. Alex phoned me to ask if I’d checked on the shop and then said we’d made a sale and we both spent a few minutes kind of incoherently squealing and being ridiculously excited. I went out to the Post Office this morning and popped it in the post. I felt so proud carrying the little parcel.

Waiting for our first sale to happen has been a  bit like being a kid at the school disco. Every one kind of shuffles around the edges of the dance floor, not making eye contact, waiting for someone else to be the first one to bust a move. And once the first couple of people make their way into the middle of the room, suddenly no one feels awkward any more and the floor is soon heaving.

Well, hopefully anyway.

I keep finding myself still sitting in the lounge room at 1 am, either feverishly tinkering with one of the shop pages or this blog, or sewing maniacally and muttering to myself. Last night I designed and mostly finished a wrist cuff. And in a minute I’m off to Ladywell park to eat vegemite sandwiches and try to get some decent pictures of it.

Tomorrow Alex and I are planning to take the bus into town and go look at beads and perhaps hit up a fabric shop in search of a better source of flannel for bibs and baby blankets. The stuff I got for the last lot I made is gorgeous, very soft, and ina range of beautiful bright colours, but it is eye wateringly pricey, so we need to find a more affordable source. We’re hoping to start doing some baby starter kits. Baby not included, obviously. Stuff like a blanket, a bib, a burp cloth and maybe a nappy pin bag, or something.

And then Friday is the very exciting, ever fabulous iKnit Weekender. It’s Alex’s special treat for finishing her dissertation without going INSANE. Although the jury’s out on that one…

We’re going to wander the crafty halls and fondle shiny beautiful yarn. Maybe we’ll see some of you there!


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