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A general round up of the weekend’s crafty goodness. September 13, 2009

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For starters, Friday was the iKnit Weekender.

We headed over to West London-  heady climes for us Southerners. (Hey, we live here, we’re allowed to claim it for our own. And anyway, you can’t get much further South than where we’re really from.) Wandered around for a while trying to find the Horticultural Halls and eventually succumbed and asked for directions, which we then passed on to the other equally confused looking ladies we saw in the streets, avidly clutching their bright yellow tickets.

Once inside we stroked all the pretties. And I have to say, the pretties were many. The range of stalls was amazing, loads of independant dyers, small sellers, notions people etc. Lovely to see so many creative people all in one place. BUt sad to say, we came away largely empty handed, apart from these little guys:



We spent about half an hour lurking around the stall of the lovely people from Textile Garden. They just had so many gorgeous buttons. In the end the teeny wee owls sold it for us. Well, for me. The scotty dogs and bee hives got Alex.

They are intended to find their way onto some new bits for the shop, so I guess they may find their way to one of you, one of these days. I thought they’d be perfect for bibs or for gloves or wrist cuffs. All manner of fine applications.

But that was it for us. No other purchases. We wandered about, said hi to some people we knew, pawed a few cute bits and bobs (like the sheepy banks at the Herdy stall. Baa.) and then left. Unfettered by giant bags of yarn.

It felt odd leaving with out yarn. I don’t think I’ve ever left a knitting show without at least one random mildly insane purchase. But there was just nothing there that I had to have. Plus, what I didn’t spend on yarn, I can now spend on fabric.

I don’t think it’s that our love of all things yarny is waning. The socks, mittens, jumper and cardigan that I’m working on at the moment all attest to that, as does Alex’s giant sock yarn blanket of doom. It’s just, we’ve learned restraint. And I think that’s a good thing.

Now, as to crafting, I have had a little mini-hiatus over the weekend as I have had relatives visiting. But Alex informs me she has been busily chopping up various pieces of fabric, ready for me to quilt together as baby blankets. She kidnapped my bib template on Friday and a whole sackload of cute material, so there’ll be bibs galore at some point.I love making bibs. The moment when you turn them inside out and iron them is just super satisfying.

The only crafting I did over the weekend was a few rows on my extremely lurid pink and green socks. I’ve been working on them for a while, but with all the sewing I’ve been doing I just haven’t had time to knit. I completed the first sock the other day and am just rounding the third pattern repeat on the second. It was nice to have a little knitting time last night, instead of feeling like I need to be busting my needles and pins out and tacking things together. I don’t want crafting to feel like a chore. That kind of defeats the object.

Speaking of objects, this evening I’ve been stitching together a few of these:

Patchwork flowers I really enjoy making them. You cut tear drops of coordinating material and stitch them together to make  a pinwheel flower shape.

They have quite a few applications. You can stitch them onto things like pillow cases, bags, tshirts and so forth. Or you can make them into potholders – use plenty of wadding if you’re going to do that and DO NOT use acrylic, it will melt because – and I can’t stress this enough – it is PLASTIC and therefore not heat resistant.

I will probably turn them into toys of some kind. Either balls or maybe some more mobiles. I made a cute one a while back, with a Japanese doll (sarubobo) parachuting from it.

Whatever I do with them, it’s fun just tinkering about with them, playing with colours, size, number of patches. Not thinking too hard about the purpose, just enjoying the making.


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