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Rainy days, cupcakes and crafting September 15, 2009

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There’s something about Autumn that makes me feel like making stuff.

Summer’s fine for sewing. I make a lot of my own skirts – I think I made six or seven over the course of the summer – and I am learning how to make dresses (big bust = serious pattern alterations needed.) But I just don’t feel so motivated to pick up my knitting needles and work on my socks or the cardigan I’ve been ploughing away at for months. It’s hot and sticky and sometimes even handsewing is just too much of a faff. I just want to laze in the garden and stare at the sky while the kids play in their splasher pool and act like hoodlums.

But then Autumn rolls around and my fingers start itching. That chill in the air, the grey gloomy skies, it all just makes me want to curl up in a chair and get cracking.

Today was one of those filthy wet days just perfect for a mug of tea and a pair of socks.

So instead I spent it making cupcakes with the kids and sewing the seams for a couple of bibs for the shop.

The cupcakes were delicious though. And they kind of count as craft, right? They were handmade. And we decorated them.

I’d post a picture but we may have eaten them all. What I said in an earlier post about having learnt restraint? That doesn’t cover cupcakes.


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