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Red Letter Day and My Creative Space September 17, 2009

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Today has been a fabulous day!

Alex and I had tea with my friend Sara from preschool. She is an artist making linoprints, among other things and she also sells lovely appliqueed tshirts. She had a stand at the recent Tea and Make in Forest Hill. We sat in one of the local cafes, Oscar’s, and had tea, cake and chatted all things crafty. Alex and I did some sewing and some beading while we were there.

Which is where our first attempt at the My Creative Space game comes in. We took some pics and I thought since it was Thursday we might join in the game.

You can see a stack of sewn and unsewn bibs, my little pouch full of thread,  a bunch of kids’ books to keep the sprogs from rioting and a certain wee owl who came out to meet Sara. Plus the ever important tea and cake.

We brought Owly along to join us for a cup of tea while we showed our stuff off to Sara and picked her brains about things like craft markets and so forth. It’s definitely helpful to have some one to ask for feedback on your stuff and also who can give advice on stuff like pricing and markets. Plus, Sara said she might pop along next week to join us for our Thursday morning crafting sessions. Lovely!

Post craft-stravaganza we went over to Ikea out at Croydon and bought a bunch of gorgeous kids’ prints. Loads of jungle animals, stripes, cows, all sorts. Lovely and bright. We also bought a bunch of fleece and terry towelling. Alex is stress testing the terry towelling in the washing machine this evening and we’ll see how it goes with regard to things like the dye running and shrinkage. We thought it might be nice for backing the bibs. The fleece is suitable for blankets and so on and is in really bold colours, lots of stripes and so on. It’s all down at Alex’s hence no photos. Perhaps anon.

Got home to discover a package from the wonderful Fabric Rehab had arrived. Some snazzy prints I ordered a few days ago for making blankies.

Fabric palooza!

Fabric palooza!

I particularly love the apple owls and the night owls.  Super cute!

Add to that the fact that I sold my Pirate Dinosaur wrist cuff today, we took a commission for some jewellery and when I got home we had made two more jewellery sales on Etsy and today has been absolutely genius!

I am completely knackered but feeling really excited. Now I have to go get creative with some pasta and sauce.


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