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Busy like a bee. A really tired bee. September 26, 2009

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I said yesterday that I busted out my sewing machine to work on a dress for Orlaith. We’re off to a big family do tomorrow (Jake’s cousin’s 21st birthday party.) and she grew out of her party dress without ever havng a chance to wear it.

I had no pattern but a picture in my head of what I wanted. A fitted bodice/yoke, and a lovely swirly skirt. I wanted something she could swish about in. So I took a dress I made for her earlier in the year and traced the top of it. I added extra bits to the sides and the bottom for the seams. For the skirt I took the bottom of the bodice and multiplied it by two for the width and kind of guestimated the length, again based on a dress I made her earlier in the year.

I made a mock up in white muslin before I cut out my good fabric. Always wise. Don’t risk your best stuff until you’re sure the pattern is going to work. Gathered the top of the skirt with clear elastic to bring it to the right size. The extra fabric down the bottom gives it weight and also makes it swingy.  It was very hard to get Orlaith to hold still so I could try it on her. I had to pin the bodice on her a couple of times and trim off the excess before it was right.

Once I got my mock up all done (Orlaith loves it, she wants it for a ghost dress) it was time to slice up the good stuff and make the real dress.

A few months back I bought a couple of pieces of Alexander Henry kokeshi doll print cotton. One in pink and one in black. Really really cute.  I used the pink one for Orlaith’s dress. I lined the bodice with some more of the white muslin and I used some beautiful wooden Japanese buttons for the closures.

To quote Esme: Ta DAH!:

Orlaith's dress

Orlaith's dress

But wait, there’s more. Of course there is, it’s 2 o’clock in the morning.

What could possibly be cuter than Orlaith in a pink kokeshi doll dress?Why, Orlaith and her baby sister in matching pink kokeshi doll dresses, of course.

Lookkit the wee dresses! Look at them!

Lookkit the wee dresses! Look at them!

But there’s still more. I still can’t fit into a lot of my pre-baby clothes, so I need an outfit for tomorrow too. So I whipped up a skirt in the black kokeshi doll fabric. Sproing!

Matching ensembles

Matching ensembles

It took me from about 10 pm until about 1 am to finish all three, but (provided Esme’s dress fits) it was totally worth it. The girls are going to look beautiful and hopefully I will look reasonably presentable.

All in all a fine creative evening.


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