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If the dress fits… September 26, 2009

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flaunt it !

The dresses look better with some one in them

The dresses look even better with some one in them

I am so proud of these dresses. I was up until 3am working on them but it was totally worth it. I think they look amazing and both of them were just so excited – especially Esme. She howled when I took the dress off her and I’ve had to placate her by putting another party dress on her so she can twirl and chatter away in Baby to her heart’s content.

Now I just need to sort out my set of matched luggage under each eye and we’re away.


6 Responses to “If the dress fits…”

  1. Gina Says:

    Oh, well done you!! Totally brilliant. If only my boys would be so delighted when I put, well, ANY clothes on them really.

    • Hee! Yeah, usually the response from Orlaith when I tell her I’m making something for her is “No thanks Mummy. No thank you.” And then she just runs off laughing at my sad face.

      I was slightly gobsmacked at just how happy they were with their frocks.

  2. Holly Says:

    Super cute! Nice work.

  3. Tia Says:

    the dresses did look fab on the girlies and Sarah’s skirt looked amazing too i was born without any kind of talent genes so am hugely jealous of what my big cousin can do!!!!
    but as one of the ppl at the 21st Party, the girls looked (and behaved!!!) brilliant and i’m so proud of them….
    much loves to all

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