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Nuts and bolts September 30, 2009

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A bit of a placeholder post today. Not much new craft wise – still working my way steadily and slowly through Blanket Mountain, hoping like hell I can get them all done and a few other bits and bobs before the Christmas Market season starts. We’re still waiting to get confirmation of a couple of markets we applied to, so we’ll see how that goes. A little nerve wracking, waiting to here.

Alex has sorted out purchasing us a domain name and we’re hoping to get some time to sit down and design ourselves a shiny brand spanking new website, which will pull everything together into one cohesive whole. Like an anchor page,  I guess. That way we’ll be a bit easier to find.

Meanwhile, I have a lovely warm toddler snoring on my lap and a baby fast asleep on her big comfy cushion on the floor. I can’t believe they’re both asleep in the middle of the day and I need to go put Orlaith to bed so I can take advantage of naptime! NAPTIME. It’s unheard of!


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