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Poorly Baby = not much crafting going on October 3, 2009

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Poor old Esme is ill.

We’re all had bouts of what I think is piggy flu (the SWINE-POCALYPSE strikes again) over the last fortnight and Esme has been snuffling like a good’un for most of that time.

When we popped into All the Fun of the Fair yesterday, I noticed she was looking a little peaky. Picked her up for a cuddle and, right in the middle of our chat with Melody about pricing, she hurled all over me. It was pretty spectacular. She looked like she was choking on it and everything.

Cleaned her up, took her home, checked her temp which was up up UP. Dosed her up with paracetamol (ahhh, baby crack) and she rested on and off all evening, mostly in my lap. Whimpered and howled anytime I tried to move.

About half past midnight I decided to check her temp again as the waves of heat coming off her were getting more than a little volcanic. Sure enough her fever was up to just over 40 degrees celsius.  Had to wake Jake and Orlaith up and take an exotic family trip for four to the hospital.

Luckily she hasn’t got any sign of a secondary infection ( my Dad was hinting about pneumonia. Yikes) and they said just to dose her up with paracetamol and try and keep her temperature down. We got home about 3am. Both the girls were really wound up and excited by the whole thing so it took ages to get them to sleep.

And the little toad is fine today. She’s still running a fair old temperature but she’s busy running and climbing around the house, beating up her sister and stealing all my craft stuff. She’s currently scaling the sofa with a glint in her eyes that tells me she’s after my box of pins – safely (hah) tucked away at the back of my craft table.

So little to no actual crafting going on round here today. But you know what, that’s quite all right :->


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