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Shiny linky links October 3, 2009

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I’m slowly but surely truffling out lots of UK crafty type pages and resources and blogs. In lieu of actual content from me, here are a few bits of siny web goodness I’ve winkled out this afternoon.

UK Handmade A handcrafting/art e-zine. The current issue has a a couple of really interesting and useful articles on pricing and on preparing your stall for craft markets. It’s a fairly broad spectrum zine, there’s a wide range of craft disciplines catered for. Check it out!

I am also loving these handmade chickens from Junky Chicken. Cute.

And just now I found this: Handmade SOCK MONKEYS. These are just so amazingly awesome and I really want one now. (To add to the giant mountain of stuff covering the floor in my house. Maybe I should stop trawling the internet for exciting stuff and go do some tidying.)


2 Responses to “Shiny linky links”

  1. kerenbaker Says:

    I have the same problem- too much inspiration and not enough housework! Like your blog btw!

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