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Mitred bag corners, internet trawling, Etsy stuff October 4, 2009

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I’m working on a bag at the moment, a bit like these little beauties from the lovely Mai but without the strap. I’ve sewn the seams a couple of times, unpicked and then re-sewn them and now I’m struggling with how to mitre the bottom corners of the lining and the outer fabric together, while retaining the ability to turn the bag right side out when I’m done. If I figure it out I’ll do the tute thing.

I’m still trawling the web for UK crafty resources and blogs and so forth and finding stacks of wonderful things I didn’t know existed! Like Crafter…oo which is a UK based craft forum. Looks shiny.

It’s exciting to me to discover all these things, because I always felt like there was a dearth of crafty type stuff going on here in the UK and now I’m discovering that if I get off my arse and go looking for it, it’s all there waiting to be found. Huzzah for being proactive :->

Speaking of which I feel like I should post some links to some other crafty ladies. They’re all on Etsy and we’re in a brand new Etsy team together, Team Exposure, helping each other to promote our wares. Most of the team members are incredible jewellery makers – lots of steampunk and neovictorian beauties to peruse.

So here we are, Team Exposure:

Octavia’s Beads

Dania’s Creations

Steampunk Jennie


Organic Alchemy

Milk’s Mom

Chandar Chandar

Go forth and look at their amazing creations. And ours, obviously :->


2 Responses to “Mitred bag corners, internet trawling, Etsy stuff”

  1. Gina Says:

    Oooh err, just saw you on SMS, you’re so famous 🙂

    BTW when you leave comments in blogger there is no email address. I’d love to be able to reply to your comments directly sometimes! (If you think that means people will just reply via email and won’t visit your blog in return, I find the converse to be true). I’ve also set my comments to go to my email so that I can reply directly rather than replying on my blog (I know wordpress is more interactive but I’ve found that people don’t check back to see if I reply within the comments section). OK enough telling the long-term blogger what to do now!

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