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It’s that time of night again… October 6, 2009

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Sod the witches, Midnight is the Crafting Hour in my house. At what other time of day or night can I possibly get so much done. Yes, I pay the price when the kids are rampaging through the night and getting up early in the morning, but it means I can actually finish several pieces a day. If I had to rely purely on daylight hours crafting it would take me weeks to finish anything at all.

As you can see from our twitter, we’re gearing up for our first ever craft market. (Got to get the forms and payment out in the post first thing.) I think we’re both mildly terrified about not having enough stock and, in my case certainly, dealing with actual real live members of the public. I’m good at the internet, I win at the internet, but real people I’m not so good at. I’m chronically shy in real life and that’s something I’m going to have to over come in short order if we’re going to make a go of this.

Not least for approaching people about stocking our various wares. We sold some stitch markers last year to iKnit, a one off a long time ago. I did the talking and I almost threw up before I went into the shop. I was actually shaking the whole time I was talking to Gerrard (who is not at all scary). Like I say, something I need to get over!

We’ve been costing things up, working out spread sheets and so forth to figure out stuff like retail versus wholesale prices. I read an article in UK Handmade about selling at markets and one of the suggestions was to make sure you know exactly what your prices are and how far you’re prepared to drop them for wholesale, before you get to the market. Just in case. Plus this way we know how much it’s actually costing us to get this crafty show on the road. Even if we’d rather not think about it!

We have a monster to-do list, including things like sorting out a proper logo, getting signage done, figuring out packaging, as well as little things like, oh, making sure we have enough stuff to cover our stall so it doesn’t look bare.

I realise this post isn’t so much about the crafting, but I figure there’s enough people out there in a similar position, either just starting out or considering starting out. Anything we pick up along the way I want to share, in case it will help any one else out. It’s nice to pass stuff on.

Craft-wise though, it’s been a good day. I finished the last of the brooch pile from yesterday and I got through measuring up and stitching some binding for Blanket Mountain. I’ll be updating the shop in the next few days with a couple of blankets and the brooches, so make sure and keep an eye out for that.

And with that, I think it’s time to go collapse in a heap in my nice warm bed. And hopefully not dream about sewing.


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