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This week’s Creative Space October 8, 2009

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This week we’re a little late with our Creative Space, due to the fact I forgot to show Alex how to upload it! My bad.

As you may have guess, this week’s Creative Space is Alex’s. We thought it was time to show you some of what she’s been up to with her shiny drill. Lego Brain Surgery galore!


6 Responses to “This week’s Creative Space”

  1. Kirsty Says:

    Any craft using a drill is ace as far as I’m concerned. Excited to see more of the Lego/drill craft.

  2. I am keen to see what becomes of these now holy leggo headed folk… Good luck at the markets too. Peta

    • They will be reborn and feast on teh flesh of the other lego folks… Um. Did I mention I like zombies?
      Fingers are firmly crossed for the markets, so any good wishes are very gratefully received :->

  3. Who knew that lego had brains ? I shall have to be more mindful of how I treat them from now on 🙂

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