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Sew Blindness October 10, 2009

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Today has been an exhausting day.

I designed, cut, stitched and finished 8 new bags. I’ve got to make probably at least another 10 before I am done, but 8 is a good start.Fairly obviously not sewn with a needle and thread as it would probably have taken me another whole week at least to do that number. Needs must, and I think the machine is the right choice for these.

I’m quite pleased with the design, I may have to do a tute on it because it is really deceptively simple and very satisfying to make. Totally reversible too, if you measure your seam allowances correctly and stick to them. The first two I made I stuffed that bit up a leetle bit, but one of those is for me and the other one I managed to fix, so it’s all good.

I’ll try and do picks tomorrow, I am just too tired tonight. I need to drag my aching sorry arse to bed!


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