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Bags of bags October 11, 2009

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Disclaimer: I’ve never been a girly handbag type. Before I became  a teacher I went everywhere with a back pack . Simple, practical, could fit a tonne of stuff, easy to carry on foot or on a bike.

Then I became a teacher and suddenly I had to worry about things like looking professional. A back pack didn’t really cut it so I bought a ginormous black faux leather handbag from M& S or somewhere and carted everything in that and a couple of shopping bags for all my marking.

These days I have a number of enormous sacks that I schlepp about with. They have to be big enough to fit nappies, wipes, spare outfits for the girls, wallets, keys, phones, my knitting and often a large number of picture books, while being small enough for me to carry without snapping my spine in half.  My go-to bag is a crusty old green messenger satchel I’ve had for about four years that I bought for a tenner in Dorothy Perkins. It has enough pockets to be practical and it has a a zipper. The strap’s just the right length and width to be reasonably comfy when doing death marches around the City with two small children in tow.

This week I decided to have a go at designing my own bags, just for fun. I wanted to see if I could make something cute, practical and deceptively roomy – bigger on the inside than the outside.

Here’s what I came up with :

8 little bags, all in a row

8 little bags, all in a row

They’re super cute, totally reversible and machine washable. They look smallish but are roomy, have a teensy pocket that matches the contrast inner fabric and lovely soft wide straps that shouldn’t cut into your shoulder. Surprisingly hard to photograph though.

Currently I am working on this pile of loveliness:

Lovely Alexander Henry prints waiting to become bags

Lovely Alexander Henry prints waiting to become bags

Cows and cowboys all waiting to be scrumbled together with some denim to become messenger bags. I’m not going to get to finish these today though. I ordered some D-rings and strap hook attachment thingies the other day so I think I’ll wait for them to arrive as they’d just be the finishing touch for these.

Instead I think it’s time to go work on some more of these guys:

Flower brooches waiting to be stitched together.

Flower brooches waiting to be stitched together.


3 Responses to “Bags of bags”

  1. Nice looking bags, you have a talent! I hear you about all the nappies and various paraphernalia, there is always tonns of stuff to take out when you have a little en. I used to hate our Nappy bag and being a Man I wanted something a bit cooler, got us a Playstation3 bag LOL My Girlfriend is also a Teacher so I know all about those various backs stuffed full of books and laminated things you all drag around with you everyday!

    Nice blog and I love then name 🙂

    • Oh thank you! Actually nappy bags for guys is something I’ve been thinking about, actually I’m not really sure what guys are looking for in a nappy bag. I’m guessing something understated and Not Girly. Maybe a big messenger bag? Playstation 3 bag works too :->

      • I think most blokes would be happy to have to carry them around! But if we have to ( and I suppose if we are looking after a little one we do! ) they yes something fairly nondescript, preferably in black or blue 😉

        Loving your legoman keyrings on ETSY, proper cool!

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