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Oh my sainted aunts October 14, 2009

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It’s just hit me how much stuff we have to do by Friday next week. Holy wriggling octopus tentacles, Batman.

I think I shall make a list and then I can panic slightly less by coming back here and ticking stuff off as I go.

  • 24  flower brooches to sew and embellish, 14 ready to bind 12 bound, 2 waiting to be bound. 10 waiting for buttons and binding.
  • 12 9  blankets to bind, 4 pinned, two sets awaiting stitching.
  • Cut and sew at least 12 more bags 10 patchwork handbags completed, 6 messenger bag shells and linings waiting to be finished off with straps.
  • A whole bunch of  dolls to sew and stuff Half a dozen dolls stuffed, 5 to go. Heads need to be attached and waist bands attached.
  • buy more interfacing, wadding and toy stuffing
  • buy some kilt pins to use as bag closures Investigated, couldn’t find any nice ones ready for beading. Will use magnetic closures instead.
  • work out how to dress the stall Jewellery stand bought and arrived, need to make some bunting and aprons.
  • make signs for the stall
  • get money for a float for change
  • write at least two tutorials Photos for bag tute done, just awaiting words.
  • work out prices for Australia

That last one is part of the reason I am currently panicking more than a little because the Monday after our first market, I am flying to Australia with the girls to go visit my family and my sister and I are doing a couple of markets together. Nerve wracking fun. Meanwhile Alex and Scott will be doing several markets over here while I am gone and we have two or three markets to do the week after I get back. Thus, if the stuff on my list isn’t done by next Friday, our collective brains are going to explode.

Ahem. I need to go drink tea and get on with actual stuff.

Don’t forget you have until Friday to enter our competition. Alex and I will be having a crafting bee on Friday so we can run around like chooks with no heads and we will draw the winners then. I’ve been absolutely loving reading the entries we’ve had so far, and the prizes will be handmade goodies from us, so please do leave us a comment. It’s so lovely to get an idea of the people behind the little stat counter numbers!

Right, time to get cracking…


2 Responses to “Oh my sainted aunts”

  1. Gina Says:

    All those markets! Yowzers. You certainly don’t do things by halves Mrs! Can’t say I’m into the idea of making for markets because it must just add a whole level of demandingness to the creative endeavour. Ooh and having to make the same thing more than once, that defintely would kill me 🙂 Brave soul!

    • I know. The worst part is having to make the same thing over and over and over again. And panicking that it won’t sell.
      We shall see how it goes. It’s a steep learning curve and it’s going to be bloody hard work if we’re going to make it work.

      Which is not to say it isn’t fun!

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