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We have a wiener! October 16, 2009

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Three winners to be precise. I tried using the Random number generator over at but it just kept giving me the same number over and over – I think because the number spread I was using was quite small.

So instead I did it the old fashioned way, wrote numbers on paper, put them in a hat and got Jake to shut his eyes and yoink three of them out of the hat.

So the winners of our first ever give away are brought to you by the numbers: 1, 5 and 10.

Or by name:

Number One: “Remarker/FCFollower”

Number Five: Jana of My Civilized Discontent


Number Ten: Gina of Clutterpunk

I need you guys to send us an email (thebotheredowl AT googlemail) with postal details and colour preferences and there will soon be shiny things winging their ways to you.

Thank you so much to all who took part, it was really fun reading your comments and please, if you do stop by, leave us a comment, even a little one. It’s nice to know who’s stopping by!


4 Responses to “We have a wiener!”

  1. Gina Says:

    Ooooh errrr! I’s a winner!!!! SupaSekrit stuff for meeeeeeeeeeee!

    (Um, just post in when you’re in Aus, ok?)


  2. Jana Says:

    I can’t believe it!!! yay!!! And when you are super famous and have a ton of people entering your contests, I can say I was (one of the) first!!!

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