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Ticking things off maketh me happy October 17, 2009

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Lists are good, reassuring things. This is something new I have learned in the last week. RE-visiting my panicky post of the other day and crossing things off that big list of stuff really helps calm me down.

And really, the situation is good. I put backs on 24 brooches last night and embellished just over half of them in a couple of hours. So now all I have to do is the side seams. It’s a question of lining them up and knocking them down.

Alex has been doing the same thing with her jewellery.

We’re finding that dividing stuff up into chunks really helps. So if I have 24 brooches to make, I do all 24 backs first, then the buttons, then the side seams and for some reason it just zips along much quicker. I used to find that with marking essays and exam papers too.

I really want all those brooches done and dusted by the time I get back to London (I’m at Jake’s parents’ house this weekend.) If I can get a couple of blankies done too, that’ll be a bonus.

Thursday and Friday are going to be craft-a-palooza. I’ll be honest, I think we’re both looking forward to the Christmas insanity being over so we can get back to a saner craft regimen. It’s like running a marathon, but with needles and pliers. Which, let’s face it, is a really bad idea.


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