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The clock is ticking October 20, 2009

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Having been away all weekend – and actually accomplished a fair amount – Alex popped by this evening to pick up some fabric to make our coin aprons, and have a wee confab about where we’re up to and what we need to get done by Friday. (Oh my GOD, that’s this week, holy cats. Ahem.) We have sorted out a plan of attack which sounded convincing last night but still didn’t stop me from waking up in a cold sweat of dread and terror this morning.

But I’m feeling much better after my new buttons arrived! That combined with the various parcels of loveliness that have turned up and a very very naughty raid on the Willingham craft shop is making me smile quite a lot.

I have schemes afoot for all of it, most of it is for bags or coasters or various other trinkets, all to be done this week.


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