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Market Day! October 24, 2009

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Well, it’s been a little quiet round here, hasn’t it?

That would be because Alex and I have been slaving over a hot sewing machine (and pliers) to get ready for today.

The final push was last night, I got to bed at about half 2 this morning having finished the last of a set of ten patchwork handbags.

Final count, I managed to finish off ten handbags in addition to the eight we already had, plus Alex and I cut out and sewed 6 messenger bag shells and linings. They still need closures and handles so they won’t be on the stall today, but maybe tomorrow if I get time tonight. I also managed to do twenty of the flower brooches and Alex has done a gazillion pieces of lego jewellery from brooches to earrings and pendants. She’s also made the most amazingly cute Halloween pieces, a couple of really cool chunky bracelets covered in spiders and glowing lego heads and so forth. They are made of 100% WIN.

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to work on while Scott and I sit on the stall today, so if you drop past you can see me in action, stitching away at some cute little sarubobos or puting the finishing touches to some flowers or bags.

Thursday and Friday were a bit like a death march of craft but we got 95% of what we set out to finish done. Not bad for two beginners, eh?

I’ll have my camera with me today and I’ll try to get some pictures of proceedings. I took loads of photos on Thursday with the purest of intentions of taking part in My Creative Space but I ran out of time and energy.

Finally, if you do happen to be in South London today and you fancy a gander at what we’ve been up to, or just want to check out some other cool crafters do please stop by.

Misty Moon Craft & Art Fair


The Honor Oak

1 St German’s Road

Forest Hill

London SE23 1RH

And if you mention that you read our blog there may be a special reward of some kind for you.


One Response to “Market Day!”

  1. lindsay dyball Says:

    hope you have a good day and every thing goes well thinking of you and congratulate alex on her masters we are very happy for her .sorry it is a long way to go to the craft fair .lindsay and merlin

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