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Success! October 24, 2009

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Today was awesome.

Our fabulous assistant (AKA Scott, Alex’s partner) came along and was my stall companion for the day, which was an absolute godsend as my hands were shaking like anything and I completely forgot everything I thought I knew about arranging stuff for display! Luckily, Scott has to do that kind of thing as part of his job, so our stall ended up looking great.

(We did take pics but they’re on Scott’s camera and he’s not here. I will get him or Alex to upload them at some point.)

We had a pretty damn succesful day, considering it was our first ever go at a market stall. We made 9 sales, the first one before the doors had properly opened! So we have already covered the cost of booking our place at the market.

Had lots of lovely chats with other sellers, and a lovely little boy called Antony who told us stories based around the various lego creations. He had a fantastic imagination, telling us all about how he was chased by sharks and aliens and had a pet pig, called Piggy, who likes to steal his lunch at school. Delightful.

We gave out lots and lots of our new mini MOO cards, so if you’re dropping by having found our address on one of the cards, Hi and welcome! Come back and see us again in the flesh tomorrow or please do stop by our etsy or folksy shops.

All in all, a wonderful day and totally worth all the stress that lead up to it. Now I am off to lavish some attention on the offspring, who were both angelic for Jake today, and then once they’re crashed I am going to slump on the sofa and watch some telly. And possibly not do any sewing whatsoever. Possibly.


2 Responses to “Success!”

  1. Gina Says:

    Oh yay for you!

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