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Well begun is half done October 26, 2009

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As promised, a few photos of our marvellous wares on display at the Misty Moon Craft Fair this weekend:

After yesterday’s insane brilliance, today was somewhat less lustrous. It was very very quiet at the fair today for whatever reason. We still made 3 sales though and we also sold one of my bibs on Folksy this morning. Huzzah! I finally feel like I’m pulling my weight around here .  Now if we could just sell the rest of our stock…

Anyway, all joking aside I think this market was a success for us. It’s all about the learning curve, and we learned a lot this weekend, from how to lay out our stall more effectively (Well, I learned that. Alex and Scott are pros at the eye catching layout.) to ideas for other things we could be making such as keyrings and aprons. We had quite a lot of people requesting keyrings so that’s definitely something we’ll be looking at doing.

We also started to get an idea of who was going to be interested in our stuff and whether or not the price we’re asking is about right. Plus we’re starting to get a feel for what to bring to which shows, picking our target market. God, I sound like an advertising exec. Blah.

This evening we divvied up the stock as I’ll be bringing some stuff with me to Australia. I’ll be bringing Lego jewellery, flower brooches and some of the bags, so if you’re in Australia, check out the shop and get in touch. I can pop stuff in the post while I’m there and it’ll be with you in next to no time.

And if you’re NOT in Australia, check out the shop anyway as we’ll be updating shortly with more jewellery and some of the bags I’ve been making.

Right, I’m off to bed. The bags are largely packed – yes, I am taking emergency fabric and also yarn and my knitting needles, thank you very much. There is no holiday from crafting.  I’m taking the laptop too, so at some point next week when I am not braindead from jetlag I will try to  post the bag tutorial I’ve been working on.

I really am going to sleep now.


2 Responses to “Well begun is half done”

  1. Lisa Hafey Says:

    It was lovely to meet you at Misty Moon, Alex! We didn’t do much better than you – I didn’t make up the cost of my half of the table rental…good thing I had Val with me or I would have made even less (because we went halves in the table…if you follow).

    Oh well, swings and roundabouts!

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