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Shiny happy people November 1, 2009

Filed under: General Crafty Chat — thebotheredowl @ 4:58 am

We had a lovely day at the market today.

It’s a brand new market, The Armidale Farmer’s Market and Car Boot Sale. There was a great atmosphere, loads of people stopping by and checking out the wares. If you were one of the lovely people who popped in and took a card or bought something from us today, greetings and thanks for stopping in!

We made 8 sales and had a couple of enquiries for custom orders, and got loads of positive feedback on our stuff. It was so encouraging to have people say how much they liked what we make- I mean, we think it’s good but we’re moderately biased…

We’ll be back for the next market on the 15th November but then after that I’m off back to London so it’ll be internet orders only after that.


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