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Skellingtons, keyrings and badges, oh MY November 1, 2009

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Just a quick stop by this morning to say I spoke to Alex via email and she is going to try and make up some bits to send out with Jake in time for the next Armidale Farmer’s Market (15th November, people, ring fence it!)

So if you were one of the delightful people who stopped in yesterday to visit us and wanted skellington earrings or a lego badge or keyring or what have you, please leave us a comment or drop us a line via email this week and I can have it for you for the next market, without postage. But it has to be this week as after that I’ll be relying on Royal Mail and I think we may have some inkling of how that would turn out…

I got quite excited last night about some new ideas for bag designs, including a lovely swoopy handled curved bottom one, and I also got to pin together some of the kids’ hats I’ve been working on. Hopefully if Esme stops being a Klingon at some point today I’ll bust out Mum’s sewing machine and get cracking. And I’ll have to steal my Dad’s camera and take some pictures. We got some photos at the market yesterday too, so I’ll pop those up once I get them off my sister. Because I am a moron who brings a camera with no memory card on holiday. Yep.

In other exciting news, Alex is squirrelled away back in London making jewellery and working on our actual website, so hopefully we should have a shiny website to show you very soon now! It’s been a bit of a tricky process, getting it to do what we want and publish it just right, and we both have day jobs. (Mine unpaid, obviously, unless you count dirty nappies and snot-filled kisses as some form of currency.)

And now, trying to type with a squealing wriggling sixteen month old on my lap is getting a little old, so I am away to try and get Grotface Junior off to sleep and perhaps do  a little work whilst Orlaith is out and about on her travels with my Mum. Huzzah!


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