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This week’s Creative Space November 4, 2009

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After a brief lacuna (ahh, English graduate that I am, can’t resist a nice big word) we’re back with this week’s Creative Space.

The last two weeks have been moderately insane. First there was all the crazy prep-work for our first ever market at Misty Moon. Unfortunately, although I took a tonne of pictures, I just haven’t had time to post them and the iron has cooled somewhat.

Then last week it was the flit to Australia and jetlag, relatives and midnight trips to the Kid’s Casualty Ward. And to round the week off, our second ever market at the Armidale Farmer’s Market.

But this week, this week I have time, energy and actual things to show you. So this week, my Creative Space is brought to you by hats.

Hats galore!

They just need lining and they'll be completed.

Check out that cheesy grin

Esme, modelling her mostly completed starfish hat.

I’m quite enjoying working with my Mum’s Bernina machine again. This machine and I go back a loooong way. It’s the machine I learned to sew on, back in the misty dawns of time somewhere. Well, when I was about 8 or 9 anyway.

Old faithful

It’s big and heavy and clunky and the button hole function doesn’t work any more.  But this machine has been going for almost as long as I have and shows no sign of giving up the ghost yet. And its weight gives it a lovely solid feeling while you’re working with it.

In the above picture you can see a half completed bag and some lovely paisley butterfly fabric waiting to be hacked up and made into a swoopy curvy bag. It’s still in my head at the moment but it’s a design I’ve been planning for a while.

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14 Responses to “This week’s Creative Space”

  1. Kirsty Says:

    I love my old clunky machine much better than the new(er) Janome.

    The hats look great.

    • The Bothered Owl Says:

      Oh, thank you! I am very new to hats, but they seem to be working okay! My Mum’s old machine is awesome. I don’t see it dying any time soon.

  2. Kylie Says:

    Your hats look great. K

    • Oh, thank you very much. It’s my first go and they’re a bit trickier than I was expecting, especially the lining. But lots of fun. I might have to do a tutorial, once I work out the kinks for myself!

  3. beck Says:

    Lots going on!! Your hats look great a I love that you are using your mums machine and appreciating it for all it’s years of dedicated service xo

    • Actually, I’ve got a post brewing about just that. I love that Mum still has the same machine that she taught us all to sew on. (There are five girls and one boy in my family and I think we all did a stint at that machine, even my brother.)

  4. Amanda Says:

    Oooh your hats are beautiful and so is that Esme 🙂

    • Why, thank you! She was hamming it up something chronic. She kept sneaking in and stealing different hats to try whilst I was trying to photograph them, so I gave up in the end and just photographed her instead :->

  5. I too learnt on my mum’s old Bernina and when I was looking for a new machine I found the exact same one second hand. i was ecstatic and it’s followed me all the way to NZ! x

  6. Well I think Esme could convince me to purchase a hat at any time with that smile. Love those starfish.

  7. Nic Says:

    Great hats. Just read some past posts – what a mad few weeks for you! Have fun!

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