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We must’ve sprung a leak… November 6, 2009

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Because the plugging continues. Oh God, my Dad’s penchant for apalling word play is genetic. Or at the very least infectious.

In any case, if you should happen to be strolling about in Beckenham or its surrounding environs tomorrow afternoon (UK time, anyway. It’s already Saturday here in Australia.) you should hie thee to the NCT Christmas Fair where you can see the other half of The Bothered Owl, the delightful Alex. She will be touting our collective wares all by herself and you really should stop by and buy a pair of earrings or a bag. Just to cheer her up, you understand.

Here’s the address, got a pen?

The NCT Christmas Fair

2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

St John’s Church Hall

251 Eden Park Ave,

Beckenham BR3 3JN.

(In case you were wondering, ‘NCT’ stands for National Childbirth Trust. They do antenatal classes and provide a great deal of support for new mums, including info on breastfeeding and just general ‘Oh my God, why is it doing that?’ type queries for new parents. The price of the pitch goes to help raise funds for their work, I believe. Good stuff.)


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