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The Plane! The Plane! November 8, 2009

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I feel a bit like the little guy from Fantasy Island today as I’ve spent all day explaining to Orlaith and Esme that Daddy’s on the plane.

He got here safe and sound, if a bit shell shocked from the journey, and he also brought with him a small package of joy in the shape of a bunch of gorgeous lego badges and keyrings for the stall in a week’s time.

So, Armidalean types, if you are around next week on Sunday 15th November and you desperately need a new keyring, or your Dad, brother,  grandmother’s best friend’s Aunty does, then you can come and buy a really truly shiny Lego one from us at the Farmer’s Market.

There are crocodiles with wiggly tails, and sharks and everything.

Next Sunday is your last chance to buy in person from me in Australia too, so if you happen to be in Armidale or surrounding environs, do yourself a favour and come by and check it out as you will save yourself a bundle on postage costs from the UK.

I’m also quite excited as I have finally finished the curved bottom bag my sister commissioned me to make for her. It was a bit of a faff in the end because I finished it, was unhappy with the way the handles sat, unpicked it, re-sewed it, then discovered I’d put the handles back on inside out, then they turned out to be quite a bit too long (I’m 6 ft tall, she isn’t.) so I had to chop them up and re-sew them.

But it was totally worth it as it now looks fairly kick-arse. And it also gave me a chance to tweak the design until I was happy with it. There’s still a few things I would alter, but on the whole, it’s a design I am pleased with and I’ll probably make it again.

Jake has also brought with him the card from my camera, which means that shortly I shall be able to finally put up the bag tutorial I’ve been promising for about a month now. Joy!


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