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I hate technology November 10, 2009

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More importantly, whilst I love my Mum’s sewing machine, I think I am growing to cordially (or not so cordially) detest my Dad’s computer. Would Freud have something to say about this? Who cares, I still can’t upload my sodding photos.

So far, this bag tutorial has taken me about three weeks to put together and has involved me making several different bags so I could photograph the process. And none of them will upload from my parents’ computer to the internet.

I’ve tried uploading to WordPress. No deal. Then I wondered if it was just those particular photographs that were the problem and uploaded a photo of one of my nephews. Lo, it uploaded. So then I tried uploading to Flickr, hotmail, Livejournal, just about anywhere and everywhere I own an account that will accept photo storage.

Once again, the photos I actually need to upload, not a chance.

So I decided the files might be corrupted in some way and proceeded to make yet another bag, snapping away as I went.

“Hurrah” I said, innocently, sitting down at the computer. And then proceeded to gouge my eyes out and grind my teeth in frustration and misery as yet again every website I try refused to accede to my request.

Thus it is that at present I have no tutorial to offer you. We’re going to try to take our laptop into town tomorrow (or possibly later today) and see if we can get it online via wi-fi.

We shall see.

To add insult to injury, I got halfway through typing up this apology for the lack of content, and Esme crept into the room and switched the computer off at the powerpoint.

There are some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.


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