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Skeletons, stitch markers, and other shiny things November 13, 2009

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Hello from London! It’s a little late for My Creative Space, considering it is Friday night here, but I thought I would share with you some photos of the stuff I have been making. Sarah has shared her gorgeous bags and purses and sunhats with you. So here goes with the Lego (and even some non-Lego) jewellery…..

Spooky Lego Bracelet

This is a “spooky” bracelet I made for Halloween. I don’t really do Halloween, but how could I resist making such a cute bracelet? Glow in the dark skeleton heads, bats, scorpions and spiders! Eeek! ;-)It was snapped up even before the market opened! I also made matching earrings out of glow in the dark skeleton heads.

The following few photos are of the key rings I made out of Lego. I had a whole range of lonely Lego men, as well as some animals. Perfect for making into keyrings, rather than earrings which I prefer to make out of (roughly) matching pairs. I have used strong wire, split rings and superglue to ensure that they are safe and secure slopping around in someone’s handbag/pocket.

Keyrings 3

Lego men, prior to becoming keyrings

Keyrings 4

The finished lot:

Keyrings 5

As a knitter, I figured I could turn my hand to some stitch markers. I’d made them before (as had Sarah) but from beads. So why not Lego stitch markers, right? I’ve sold a whole bunch of these to a quirky little shop in east London called Prick Your Finger. These lovely ladies spin their own yarn out of all sorts of things. So they are a great match for the stitch markers. I’ll also be making some for iKnit (also in London) and Fyberspates, in Wales.

So without further ado, the stitch makers…

Stitch markers for Prick Your Finger

Parrot stitch markers

Bat stitch markers

Construction Hat stitch markers

Air tank stitch markers

Crossbow stitch markers

Steering wheel stitch markers

So there you go. Lots of Lego shinies. And now, for the non Lego shinies!

Glass bead bracelet 1

Glass bead bracelet 2

Glass bead bracelet 3

So there you have it. Enjoy!


One Response to “Skeletons, stitch markers, and other shiny things”

  1. Mary Says:

    You are so creative! The beads winging their way to you will find a good home!

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