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Too tired to think of any kind of pithy title November 14, 2009

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Armidale types, make sure you come and visit me tomorrow (or later today since it’s already gone midnight) at the Armidale Farmer’s Markets, between 9 am and 2pm in the park by the Tourist Information Centre. I think it’s Curtis Park. You can tell I don’t live here any more :->

Plus I’ve been sewing hats since midday and I can’t see straight any more, let alone remember place names.

I’ve got one hat left to finish in the morning and a couple of bag bottoms to finish off whilst I sit on the stall. I just cannot face doing any more sewing this evening, and after tomorrow, I am going on sew-cation as I’ve been sewing non-stop every day since I got to Armidale. The machine is going into hiding in a secret undisclosed location and I am putting all my fabric away and not visiting to fabric shop.

Although somewhere I have several metres of a beautiful olive green winter weight that I bought last time I was here, with the intention of making myself a skirt…

I think I need a twelve step programme.


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