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Reassurance November 15, 2009

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There’s nothing like having someone buy something you’ve made to make you smile.

And even better is when someone who’s bought something of yours comes by and shows you that they’re using it.

One of the lovely ladies who bought a bag from me the other week popped by the stall today and she had her bag with her. It made me feel so happy to see it out there in the world, being used and loved!

You know what makes me even happier? The fact that every single one of the hats I made yesterday sold! Six of them went to the same lady who bought them for various nieces and nephews. My niece, Elsie had to be my hat model for a while so we could figure out what sizes the hats would be good for. Hurray for helpful small children.

I have only one hat left, and it was one of the first hats I made last week and the only reason it didn’t walk off the stall was that it was really only baby sized. Otherwise there were several people who eyed it up.

Makes all the long hours thee past two weeks feel worthwhile!

Oh and I sold two of the Be Prepared Pouches as well. Huzzah!

I’m working on how to load stuff up to the shop – the internet connection at my parents’ place is not happy about dealing with photos so it may have to wait till I get back to London. We shall see. I may get desperate and make a run for the local Library.

And now, I am off to enjoy my nieces and nephews and various siblings while I can. SEWCATION.


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