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It Can’t All Be Fun and Craft November 22, 2009

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The weather in London this weekend has been completely unpredictable with bright sunshine and then heavy storms within an hour of each other. Perfect weather for doing craft stuff you would think. However with the help of my partner Scott we did a lot of web work that goes with our crafty venture. The things that we have done are:

  • On our Folksy Page we now have 97 items listed that can be bought by anyone in the world
  • On our Etsy Page we have over 80 items listed that can be bought by anyone in the world. We also have featured 3 of the items that we have uploaded this weekend. Finally for shipping outside of the United Kingdom we have lowered the shipping price on standard items.
  • We have uploaded a lot of the photos that we have taken of the brooches and keyrings to Flickr.
  • Alex and The Bothered Owl have managed to add a My Etsy to their Facebook pages. Also we have uploaded a number of photos to The Bothered Owl’s facebook page. If you are on Facebook please become a fan of us on and keep up to date with what we are doing.

We also bought Christmas coloured (red and green) gift boxes for the earrings, bracelets etc. Hopefully these will be delivered in time for the Misty Moon Market that we will be at next weekend.

Alex is currently making stitch markers for the Iknit shop at Waterloo in London and will be delivering them there later in the week.

There have been lots of twitter updates from both Alex in London and Sarah who is in Australia for another week. To see the updates go to The Bothered Owl on Twitter page.


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