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New stuff in the shop December 1, 2009

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Sorry for the lack of imaginative titling, I’ve been up since 2am with crazy jetlagged Wide Awake children who have been busy singing, pretending to be elephants (why? How the heck should I know? Does a 17 month old really have to have a reason for wanting to be an elephant?) and fighting over pretty much every toy in the house.

This is just a head’s up (heh, pun totally unintended) for those who have been asking, to say that I’ve just added the custom made hats to both Etsy and Folksy. I’ve had to do some jiggering with prices to try and figure out the various economies of the people who want to buy them and I’ve tried to come up with a price that’s fair and also reflects the amount of work that goes into each hat.

I’ve put two options up, one for baby or child size and one for adult size. Both take a similar amount of work, but the adult ones are slightly more expensive as they require more fabric.

Here is a glimpse of what you or your small person could be wearing if you buy one: namely an enormous grin. And a mighty fine hat.

Monte's pirate hat

Indiana Esme

Farmer Orlaith











Elsie's mermaid hat

Esme in spots

I made a bunch of these for the Armidale Farmer’s Market the other week and they pretty much grew legs and walked off the stall.  Do please go and check them out!

I’m also working on a new hat design as well. It will be a slightly more patchwork affair!


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