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Settling back in December 2, 2009

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It’s quite strange being back in London after a whole month at home with my parents. I’d just started to get into the swing of things, being there, doing things like Mini Minstrels and the Farmer’s Market, hanging out with my sisters and their kids. And then BAM, we’re back here and it’s grey and wet and cold and the kids are waking up at peculiar hours of the night. Esme is very clingy all of a sudden – missing the profusion of snuggly Aunts and grandparents to cosset her, I would guess. Orlaith keeps talking about how she’s going to go back to Grammy’s house and see her cousins tomorrow.
But I digress from things crafty.
We’re doing a market at the Museum of London tomorrow evening and thus tomorrow will be spent ironing things and sewing last minute bits and bobs. Like the sets of reversible Christmas coasters that Alex came up with. And some more lovely baby bibs.
If you’re in town and fancy a delightful evening of museumry and craft, including the lovely Kirsty of Ladybird Beads, make sure you pop along and visit us at:

The Museum of London,

150 London Wall, London EC2Y 5HN

3rd December 5-830pm


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