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My (final for 2009) Creative Space December 9, 2009

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Aww, I’m quite sad it’s almost over for the year. But glad to have had a chance to take part and really looking forward to playing again next year! If you’ll have me…

This week, my Creative Space is all about panicking and purses.

Pile of purse pieces, with Esme's toes just poking into frame. God bless sofa crafting.

Esme is currently snoring on my lap while I am fretting because I can’t quite reach my sewing box which is on the floor,  juuuuuust out of reach of my toes. I’ve spent this evening chatting with Alex, panicking somewhat about Saturday’s double market death march, and chopping up fabric ready to become some really amazingly cute purses. Amazingly cute. You heard it hear first, folks. I’m off to the fabric shop in the morning to buy a boatload of 4, 6 and 8 ” zippers to finish these babies off.

My favourite Ebay purchase for the month, a half yard piece of Alexander Henry 'Bad Luck Club' fabric.

And top of my sofa fabric pile at the moment is this gorgeous piece, a half a yard of Alexander Henry’s Bad Luck Club fabric which I got on Ebay. I cut into it this evening to make a purse. It was a wrench to chop it, I can tell you. I really just want to frame it or possibly swathe myself in its disturbingly attractive charms. I just really love the combination of red, black and white in this fabric, and the way the skulls are drawn. They’re monstrous but charming at the same time.

I should really go to bed, but I also just reallllly want to grab my sewing box and get cracking on those purses. I really do need a 12 step program of some kind.


2 Responses to “My (final for 2009) Creative Space”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I am liking the skull print very punk rock!!

    xo Steph

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