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Serendipity December 9, 2009

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Today has been one of those days when things just seem to come together.

We were supposed to be doing this fair up in Ilford this weekend, which we booked ages ago when we first started out. Alex even popped up there the other day to check out the space and see what sort of size tables we would have and so on and we were fairly excited about it. In a trepidacious kind of way.

Then we got an email this morning saying it had been cancelled. Woe-cakes. But Alex swiftly rallied and decided to call around some of the other crafty bits and pieces that are happening this weekend and see if we can slot in some where.

And lo, we are doing TWO markets on Saturday, both in our own back yard, so to speak.

Alex will be at the Brockley Cross Christmas Fair and I shall be doing the same thing in Ladywell. Right at the end of our street. Huzzah!

We’re panicking a little about the mechanics of doing two markets in one day, working out who’s got which bits of stock and so on, but we’re also relishing the challenge and hoping that both markets will be really successful for us.

Plus on our way home from dropping off the fees for our stalls, we bumped into a really nice lady, Angela, who’s opening a shop on Ladywell high street, and also appearing at the market on Saturday and had a wee chat with her about crafty things. So that was nice.

Tomorrow is going to be spent tallying things, stock taking and making things like crazy in order to make sure we have enough stock for Saturday and also for the following weekend, when we will be at the Misty Moon Craft Fair – the last one before Christmas.

We’re really hoping to sell EVERYTHING on Saturday so we can just put our feet up on our table at Misty Moon and drink alcoholic ginger beer all day. Because that would be awesome.

Saturday 12th December:

Brockley Christmas Market

Coulgate Street

by Brockley Station

12pm – 5pm


Ladywell Christmas Market

Ladywell Station
Railway Terrace

SE13 7XB

10am – 4pm


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