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All systems go December 11, 2009

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Well, it took us a couple of days and I feel like my eyes are made of raw egg, but I think we managed to get most of it done.

Since yesterday we have cut and sewn 12 zippered coin purses, made a butt load of jewellery and sewn 12 wee pouches. Alex is working on a comprehensive stock list, we’ve divided all the bags and jewellery in half ready for tomorrow and Alex has been making cute little signs to go on the stall. She also made a load of cardboard tags to go on bags and so forth. It’s looking great.

So now all we need is a nice day, lots of delightful customers and bucketloads of sales. Keep your fingers crossed for us and if you happen to be in or around the area, do pop in and see what’s going on.  Remember, Brockley Station and Ladywell Station.

And now, I need to go crawl away and collapse in a heap. I’m starting to feel physically ill at the sight of my sewing machine…


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