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We’ll always have … Ladywell? December 12, 2009

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I’ll let Alex tell you all about Brockley, but Ladywell, despite being as cold as witch’s teat, was fabulous.

Got there at 9am to set up, having staggered down the street laden with all our wares and my chair.  Alex and Scott came and helped me set up. We got a good table, right at the bottom of the stairs, near the entrance to the station. And we were right next to Angela from the new shop on the high street and her friend who makes cakes under the name ‘I Want Cake’.

It was a long old day, I was rushed off my feet and so many lovely people came and commented on our stuff. We got so much fabulous feedback and quite a few people wanted to know if we were going to be opening our own shop. Which is a lovely idea but I think we might possibly go insane with the amount of work involved.

Made a lot of sales, including some of the baby blankets and two of my bags as well. Both bought by ladies who fell in love with the fabric, so that really made me happy. I wanted them to go to people who would love them.

The nicest things that happened today:

  • the lady at the stall next to me who helped me out with breaking some notes for me and who gave me an amazingly delicious cranberry cupcake. Oh my God, it was much needed!
  • the little girl who told me that our shop was her favourite one she had ever seen in the whole world.
  • the amazingly kind lady who bought some items from us and then came back and brought me a cup of hot chocolate because she could see I was frozen.

You made my day, guys!

So yes, cold, tired, sore from being on my feet since first thing this morning and humping my backpack and stuff about, but so so happy with how we did.


Now, I’m off to have some dinner and not think about sewing or crafting at all for the rest of the day.


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