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Shop Update December 16, 2009

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Since it’s been cold and grey and snowy outside – but not quite snowy enough, you understand – today was the perfect day for updating my half of the Folksy shop. After all, last guarranteed date for postage with Royal Mail is the 18th December (hint, hint)  and I’d hate you to miss out!

So, after Orlaith’s Christmas concert  – she was Father Christmas this year, complete with beard and moustache! – I settled down and spent the whole afternoon stuffing the Folksy shop full of fabric goodies. Mostly zippered purses. I’ve got a bunch of bibs to stick up there too, and what’s left of the flower brooches, but those will have to wait as I am going a little loopy from too much computer time. I’d say I was being over come by the fumes, but that’s just not quite right.

Anyway, go check out my handywork here . I’ve not done the Etsy shop as yet. I will at some point, once my eyes uncross themselves!


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