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And relax December 20, 2009

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We survived our first round of Christmas markets in tact! It was hard work. I punctured my finger with a sewing needle and we both crafted ’til our eyes were like raw eggs, but we did it.

We’ve learned a heck of a lot from the experience too. We learned how to lay out our stall to best effect, even if we have a teeny weeny table. We learned how to jury-rigg a washing line to display bibs and blankets. We figured out packaging, bags, wrapping  and so forth. We met lots of lovely people. My maths skills have gotten sharper. I can even talk to people on our stall with out my hands shaking or feeling like I’ve got stage fright!

The hardest part (and the most fun part too) is not knowing what to expect on each day. The environment you’re working in is constantly changing, even if you go back to the same market again and again. You can never tell what people will buy on any one day. Some times you get people who want nothing but cufflinks or earrings, other times it seems to be baby stuff. It can be frustrating when you see some items you’ve worked so hard on just sitting there unloved. And then someone comes along another time and your stuff just walks off the stall without you even trying.

I think the thing I’ve been most excited about selling the last two weeks were some of the baby blankets. I put so much love into making them and it’s so lovely to see them being bought by people, taking them off into the world to be used by real little people. We had a nice couple today who bought one for their as yet unborn little girl. They were so excited about it. Last week one lady bought one for her new baby, and again she was so excited about the fabric. It’s such a nice feeling when someone has such a lovely response to something you’ve made with your own two hands!

So thank you, people who’ve bought stuff from us over this period, or if you just stopped by one of our stalls and gave us a complement or favourited us on Etsy or Folksy, thank you very much. It’s been a hard couple of months, but you know what, we got there in the end and all your kind words – and purchases- have really helped!

I’ll be listing the remaining fabric bits and pieces – a bunch of bags and brooches and so forth – shortly, so if you came to visit us on the stall and saw something but weren’t quite ready to buy it, check out the shop over the next few days as it will all be there. Alex will also be uploading the lego jewellery to both shops between now and the New Year.

And now, I am going to go and put my sewing machine away for a week or so and try really hard not to think about it at all. Until after Christmas when I have to make up a custom order for a crochet hook bag and a wool spindle holding bag.  Exciting!


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