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And from Alex… December 23, 2009

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I, too, wish all our lovely blog readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I will endeavour to list the rest of the Lego jewellery sometime soon. I’m working at the moment and after Christmas, so I will be slower at putting the Lego jewellery up but it will go there over the next few weeks.

I’ve been wondering about doing my own tutorials in the new year. Sarah has done a bunch, so perhaps I should do my own. If you have any requests please leave it in the comments section? I also will post more photos of the work in progress like the legendary lego ‘brains’ that are a by-product of my process.

The markets have been a lot of fun and I have enjoyed them immensely. The other market stall holders are all really friendly and we have had some laughs with them. It has been lovely seeing people remember the lego that they played with as a child and the smiles at the ways that I have used the Lego. Scott has also been helpful being the pack horse and also initially the artistic designer on the stall as he has put together exhibition stands as part of his job.

The Lego jewellery has also come in handy as Scott’s boss got lego tile cufflinks from Secret Santa and his sister will also be receiving some items from The Bothered Owl when the parcel arrives in New Zealand.

I am also looking forward to a week away from Lego and will be knitting a baby hat for a friend of mine who is 7 months pregnant and will be introducing her to Sarah and her wares in the New Year.

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Scott and I are going to a friend of Scott’s for Christmas and we are both looking forward to it, apparently Scott will be playing on the wii a lot and I plan on doing lots of knitting.



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