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One more thing before I go December 23, 2009

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I’m off for Christmas in Cambridgeshire, if we don’t get frozen to the motorway on the way. And I am going to try my hardest to not do anything at all on the internet while I am there.

So have a lovely Christmas, internet people. I hope you got all your Christmas crafting done – I didn’t bother this year, I was too busy! I did, however, purchase some handmade gifts from some lovely people on Folksy, like the amazing Bookity. Maybe next year I’ll get back into the swing of making stuff for people rather than for the shop.

After Christmas I will be trying to think up some new tutorial topics for the site and generally trying to chat more about crafts rather than the constant stream of shop stuff. Which is important, obviously, but it’s more fun to be able to just talk about craft rather than pimping our shop all the time!

Speaking of which, one last plug. I spent about 8 hours yesterday (I’m possibly UNDER exaggerating there, it may have been longer) uploading pretty much everything in my black suitcase of goodies onto Folksy and Etsy. I couldn’t face the prospect of doing Coriandr last night as well, my eyeballs started feeling like they were about to burst into flames. That will wait until after Christmas. (The uploading, not the bursting into flames. Obviously.)

Right, that really is me done now until after Christmas. I’m off to eat lots of delicious vegetarian food, spend time with my lovely inlaws , knit some socks and generally relax.

Happy Seasonally Appropriate Greetings, folks!



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