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Knitting for Babies January 5, 2010

Filed under: General Crafty Chat — thebotheredowl @ 11:22 am

My friend Clare is due to have her little girl in just under 3 weeks. Knitting for the tiniest of society is thoroughly rewarding, as not only does the item you knit help to jeep them warm and cute (especially in a London Winter), the items are reasonably quick to knit and help to use up my stash.

I seem to have accumulated a hefty stash of sock yarn, in a wide variety of colours. A couple of years ago Sarah and I even went so far as to dye our own with Kool-Aid. Sarah says that in fact sock yarn does not form part of a knitters stash. However, somehow I don’t think I can really justify that line as I’ve yet to actually finish knitting a pair of socks! I’m currently working on a patchwork blanket, knitted from my carious balls of sock yarn. I’m knitting each square from the previous one so I don’t have to sew them all together at the end.

Right, back to the knitting for Clare’s baby, using the sock yarn, I’ve made a cute hat. until I had about 10. I then knitted these 10 stitches in the round for about 10cms until I had a tube. I cast off and then tied the tube in a know. This style of hat is called an ‘Umbilical Hat’ Cute! To match, I’m making a vest/sleeveless jumper. As of last night, I’d done the front and back now all I need to do is sew up the sides and do the ribbing around each armhole. The body of the vest is yellow, but I’ve done the ribbing in the same sock yarn as the hat. If I get the vest all sewn together, I might even attempt some mittens to match the vest and hat. We’ll see! I’ve used up nearly the whole ball of the yellow sock yarn making the vest, which I’m very pleased about. I had only one ball of it as I’d picked up the wrong weight (4 ply instead of DK).

Once it’s all done I’ll post a photo. I can’t wait until I see little Delphi wearing them. There really is something wonderfully satisfying about being able to create a wearable garment from a ball of string and a couple of sticks!



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