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A proud moment January 7, 2010

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Crisp and clean

I’m pleased to announce that all our flower brooches are most definitely machine washable and ironable!

The brooch in the picture is one I wear all the time. It was a little smaller than most of the others and I love the big coconut wood floral button in the middle. I’ve used it to pin together the gaping bodice of a dress before but most often it stays pinned to my workhorse of a blue cardy.

I keep forgetting to unpin it when I stick the cardigan in the wash, so it’s now been through the machine at least 10 times at temperatures up to 40C. I ironed it for the first time this morning because it was looking a little bit sad and crumpled after its most recent adventure in the washing machine.

I am really proud to say that even after taking a massive battering and being worn a hell of a lot, not one stitch is out of place, the fabric still looks fresh and bright and even though I was going for a slightly frayed around the edges look, the edges haven’t actually frayed at all.


If you want one for yourself, there\’s a few of them left in the shop and I have a truckload of them tucked away in the Magic Black Suitcase of Doom, which is where I’m currently storing all our fabric stock. It keeps things neat and tidy and out of the way of small hands. One of the perils of crafting with bright beautiful prints is that they are attractive to small children and I am sick of constantly fighting over my stuff with Esme and Orlaith!

Anyway, at some point I will stick the rest of the flowers up in the shops various. I just wanted to share a small moment of pride!



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