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Nice way to start the day January 7, 2010

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Woke up this morning feeling utterly wretched. I’ve got a revolting cold at the moment and it’s settling into my chest and throat, so it’s hard to swallow and hard to breathe. The kids have both got colds too, so they’re miserable and grotty and cranky which makes for fun days, I can tell you.

It’s frosty and cold outside and everything is covered in snow, but not quite enough snow to mean Jake can work from home, which would have been handy today as I’ve got almost no voice left.

The two metres of calico I ordered the other day for lining some new hats hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t get on with those or the cute little draw string pre-schooler bags I want to make.

I was just settling into a nice solid grumpy mood when Alex sent me a text saying we’d sold something. So I logged in and found that we had indeed sold this:

So thank you very much to the lovely ‘Slam10’ (Folksy name), Lin Lin, you made my morning a whole heap better! I will be popping out to the post office in a bit, so it should be with you shortly :->


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