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RARGH January 8, 2010

Filed under: General Crafty Chat — thebotheredowl @ 6:15 pm

I am so mad right now.
Remember that beautiful stripy hat I made back in December? It was a custom order for someone’s Mum as a Christmas present. I posted it back at the start of December and hadn’t heard back from the customer, Neal, since I sent it. So, feeling a little twitchy, I emailed him a couple of times,  just to check if everythign was okay, that it fit okay and was the right colour and so on.

Just literally got a (very very nice and polite) email back from him saying that it still has not arrived. He’s keeping his fingers crossed that it will get there before his Mum’s birthday in February.

Leaving out the fact that I am upset because something I worked hard on appears to have simply vanished into the ether,  I am really mad because I now feel like someone’s Christmas may have been spoiled because their gift didn’t get there. And not because of any failure on our parts, but because Royal Mail don’t seem to be able to do their job properly. We had a similar occurrence before Christmas, when a parcel we’d posted First Class to go to Scotland ended up coming through my own front door, because the guy at the post office couldn’t figure out which side of the parcel to put the postage stamps on. In the end it ended up costing us twice as much to post it so it would actually get there on time.

I like my postie, she’s lovely and she always goes the extra mile for me, but the organisation in general bring a certain phrase about organising the consumption of alcoholic beverages in a brewery to mind.

Excuse me, I need to go spit some feathers.


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