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Techno-fail January 8, 2010

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Annoyingly my laptop has died. It quite literally blew a fuse last night. There was a really loud click-pop sort of noise from the power adapter and then the computer went quiet and all the other electrical items in the room suddenly stopped working.
This is a pain in the bum as it means I have to work from the main computer in the back room if I want to list stuff or monitor the shops or Twitter or whatever. We’ve only had the laptop for about 6 months but it made things so much easier, especially with the kids, as I could check emails or read a blog without feeling like a neglectful parent.
Also, the slot for my SD card doesn’t seem to be working on this computer, so although I have new stuff in the works for the shop, I can’t actually transfer photos at the moment. GAH!
Technology, you pull the carpet from under my flailing limbs once more.



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