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Things finished, things waiting to be begun January 11, 2010

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I’ve finished Lola’s custom yarn pouch. It’s really cute, it’s reversible and I’ve done mitred bag corners to give it fullness and a flat bottom. It also has a tiny hole in it on one side at the bottom, because Lola wanted to be able to crochet with both ends of her wool, without it getting all tangled up.
We were going to go with a draw string at bothe ends to facilitate that, but that seemed silly to me as I would have had to put in a false bottom or something so the yarn wouldn’t just fall out of the bag.
So instead there’s a tiny hole, hand edged with hand over hand stitch, perfect for feeding the end of a yarn ball out of.

And I would put up pictures but I still can’t get my SD card to read on the computer, so that will, frustratingly, have to wait.

Speaking of waiting, I am still waiting with baited breath the arrival of a couple of metres of calico. I cut out a bunch of hat outer shells just before Christmas but have nothing to line them with. I was looking into using black and cream cotton rather than calico but I couldn’t find any that I felt happy with, so calico it is. I like calico. It goes with pretty much everything, it’s machine washable and it’s hardwearing. It’s not fancy but it does work hard.

Charging forward with my new year resolution about learning new techniques and getting serious about making my own clothes, I bought a copy of The Perfect Fit the other day because it apparently has a nice clear guide to the Mystical Full Bust Alteration. I’ve started reading and it’s got some interesting stuff in it about clothing design and fit. The pictures look very 80s to me, lots of shoulder pads and big hair, but the information itself is useful so I  shall press on.

I have plans to try and finish off another couple of messenger bags today. Let’s see how far we get with that one child has a temperature, the other is flinging herself on my lap howling and hitting at me in a tiny toddler rage.

I suspect it may be another one of Those Days.



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