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How we got our name January 12, 2010

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It’s a slightly clumsily titled post, but it does what it says on the lid.  Alex pointed out that people keep asking and we’ve never actually revealed the mysterious workings of our brains (Believe me, very mysterious indeed at times) that led to our shop title.

It comes, as so many of our in-jokes, from my 3-year-old daughter bantering with her father. Orlaith has a bit of an obsession with owls. One of the first phrases she ever said was “Owly, come baaaaack”, wailed out our rear window at some phantom feathery spectre, when she was about 18 months old.  For a while Jake took to calling her Big Owlface (don’t ask me why, I really couldn’t possibly tell you. I think he just likes the way it sounds.)

Anyway, we went on holiday last year to Cornwall and there was a little swimming pool where we were staying, so we decided to teach Orlaith to swim a bit. And as a reward for her good swimming, Jake promised to show her his ‘Owl Bothering Trick’. Turns out owls are extremely perturbed by men in their early thirties in swimming trunks doing a length of a swimming pool under water.

And thus when Alex and I were scratting about trying to think of an unusual name for ourselves, the first thing that sprung to mind, obviously was a Bothered Owl.

There you have it, dear readers, straight from the … um… strigiformes’ proboscis. (Show off!) We just thought you might like to know.



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