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This is not a sewing tutorial… January 12, 2010

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… but it may be useful, and it is certainly cute.

If you’re like me, you’ve been stuck at home with small people growing increasingly fractious and bored, or like mine, endlessly demanding to watch a moooooovie.

I strongarmed my eldest offspring into actually doing somethign creative this morning and this is what we came up with.

EVen Esme got in on the act, sort of. Although she was mostly interested in drawing all over everything in sight with my felt tip marker pen. And ripping Orlaith’s art work to make her cry. My younger daughter is a hoodlum.

To do this at home is so easy. All you need is some really big paper, like butcher’s paper or big craft paper. I used roll paper from the Early Learning Centre. Added bonus is it’s actually also really handy for pattern drafting!

You will also need coloured paper or pens for decorating and scissors and glue.

Get your kid to lie down on the paper and then trace around them. Make it fun, mine always giggle when we do this and actually it’s their favourite part. Be as silly as possible, maybe even use it as an opportunity for talking about the parts of their body or doing this little piggy and so on.

Then let them go nuts with decorating.  They could make every day clothes or turn their person into something amazing. Orlaith wanted to make hers into a space-lady, so we made rocket boots, space trousers, a helmet. She even has undies and a vest on, under her other clothes. Orlaith was very specific in her choices, the colours she wanted, the shapes, how it should be put together. She designed the helmet too, I just cut things out with the sharp scissors, she did all the actual choosing and sticking.

And these make great wall decorations for their bedroom too! And it leads onto other things, like we made a big cardboard box rocket ship and they both had fun blasting off to Jupiter. Esme was very serious about it, she crept into the box when Orlaith wasn’t looking and I found her trying very hard to put her arms through the holes for her big sister’s arms. She had fun dancing around the kitchen inside the box and when I asked her if she was flying, she nodded with great emphasis.

Not a new tip but I think it’s a fun one!


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